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Choulala French fine pastries

The wish to propose the best



Sweet Choux

Under a crunchy coat of cracker, a confectioner's custard delicately perfumed to have a rough time without hesitating.


Salty Choux

A classic of the French pastry, declined in a selection of original salty flavors.



Grand tradition pastries, to share with family or friends. Available in individual, for 3-4 or 6-8 people (to order).



Cheesecake mousse, strawberry filling, and almond sponge cake. Custom glazed any style/color. (Pictured is a Galaxy glaze)



Coconut mousse with a passionfruit cream center and coconut sponge cake.Custom glazed any style/color.(Pictured Spider Web effect)

Chocolate Praline Crunch

Chocolate Praline Crunch

Dark chocolate mousse, a praline crunch center and an almond sponge cake. (Custom glazed any style/color)


Relaxing break

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