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Choulala French fine pastries

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Sweet Choux

Choulala cream puffs, Choux au Craquelin, made in the classic French tradition.

Tender choux dough baked under crunchy and buttery craquelin, filled with vibrantly flavored confectioner's custard.


What is a Choulala Choux?

A classic French pastry, Choux au Craquelin! 


Signature Cakes and Entremets

Glacage cakes and traditional pastries to share with family and friends. Available in individual, for 3-4 or 6-8 people (to order).



Cheesecake mousse, strawberry filling, and almond sponge cake. Custom glazed any style/color. (Pictured is a Galaxy glaze)



Coconut mousse with a passionfruit cream center and coconut sponge cake.Custom glazed any style/color.(Pictured Spider Web effect)

Chocolate Praline Crunch

Chocolate Praline Crunch

Dark chocolate mousse, a praline crunch center and an almond sponge cake. (Custom glazed any style/color)


Relaxing Break